Our inaugural "Alan Cooke Memorial Shield" competition took place on 20th October. This new annual event was founded to celebrate Alan's commitment to Beaulieu Camera Group and his photography.

Each year's competition will have a different genre to portray Alan's wide range of photographic skills and give diverse members a chance of being awarded the Shield.  "Candid Photography"was chosen for the 1st one as it was the genre Alan was best known for.

Our judge for the evening was Roger Creber AFIAP ARPS DPAGB, who gave every image equal consideration while also appreciating its adherence to the theme. There was a total entry of 53  from which Roger chose the 1st place winner, two Highly Commended and eight Commended images.

1st place was awarded to Edna Phillips with "Lazing in the Sun".

Edna Phillips Lazing in the SunPresentation of Alan Cooke Memorial Shield

Two images were awarded Highly Commended awards, "Crying with Laughter" by Barry Armstrong and "Bikers Relax" by Alan Price ARPS.

 Crying with Laughter Barry ArmstrongBikers Relax Alan Price

The following images were Commended:

Barry Armstrong "The Bubble Man", Alison Cawley "Two Pints and a Packet of Fags", Neil Hardy "Important Discussions", Ian Park "Nepalese School Girls", Alan Price "...and it was This Big", Alan Price "Butter Cross Busking", Rob Snellgrove "Preparing for Friday Prayers" and Maggie White "Hard Times".

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the members who entered with such a great array of images, Alan would have been delighted.

To see all the winning images please click on the link which will take you to the Gallery: The Alan Cooke Memorial Shield

Sue Dunham Chairman